We build the most prestigious structures

Eqb consists of high-class specialists constructing modern industrial, office, cultural and educational, as well as recreation facilities with a high aesthetic and beauty standards, equipped with the latest technological solutions. We represent passion, more than 10 years of experience and numerous successes that we have earned. Modern design, reliable construction and, consequently, facilities economic in terms of operation compose our specialty. We meet the sophisticated expectations and fulfill the requirements of the Investors at an affordable price. Investments entrusted to us require a great deal of commitment and are implemented on many planes. We know that the investments require a great deal of commitment and are implemented on many planes, so we offer our customers professional support at every stage of the investment process.

Therefore, the professional support we offer to our customers at every stage of the investment process provides comfort and satisfaction with the cooperation. We attribute a great attention to the quality of the used materials, as well as the energy efficiency and functionality of the facilities that we construct.

  • production and storage halls

  • public utility facilities

  • roads and bridges

  • office buildings

  • military sector


We construct the most human-friendly surroundings in terms of space to work and to live in. This is the most important aspect lying behind all our investments. To accomplish this mission, we have to pay special attention to the workmanship quality, innovative solutions and nearly zero energy consumption by the materials used as well as the ergonomics and functionality of structures built.

Why us?

The high level of commitment to solving administrative, technical and economic issues and problems with meeting deadlines largely contributed to the success of our investment. We are unique because we implement even the most difficult projects in a short period of time.

Our goals

Satisfaction and savings

Aesthetic and beautiful structures

Innovative and high-quality solutions

Hi-end technologies & ergonomy

Investment Path

Innovation is also the strength of our company. In addition to the general contracting, we also carry out numerous tests (e.g. photovoltaic, chemical, concrete, strength and physical tests) as well as we promote the green energy and clean water.
Eqb is looking for new solutions in the field of renewable energy sources (OZE) integrated with the construction facilities. The activity of the company definitely goes beyond the standards of classical construction. The implementation of energy efficient structures of nearly zero energy consumption – it is one of our strengths. It is a professional brand, with specialised personnel, relevant technical and organisational structures ensuring the performance of the construction process in accordance with all applicable laws and the maintenance of the highest quality and diligence in the course of the implementation of the agreement, in a very short period of time.

Project Analysis

We start the implementation of each project with a thorough analysis of the undertaking:


legal and administrative



Strategy & Planning

Then we create an action plan and propose optimal construction solutions. We use the latest construction trends of nearly zero energy demand:

solar systems

photovoltaic systems

heat pumps

high-performance cogeneration & recuperation


Timely and efficient implementation, reliability, high aesthetics and quality. The end result is a comfortable and functional storage space. The whole process does not exceed the assumed budget.

Comprehensive services
related to investments

Our company has many years of experience gained during the implementation of difficult and demanding construction projects. We are a reliable and trustworthy contractor and partner committed to carry out investments. During many years of experience we have developed an effective style of operation. In spite of having several proven solutions, we handle each project individually so as not to fall into patterns. Every investment is unique and requires a thorough analysis in accordance with the principle „from the general to the particular”.
From the market and legal analysis, through the analysis of the potential land development, financial analysis, the construction design and marketing plan, to the performance of construction works supervised meticulously by the Project Implementation Department. The more advanced stage of the investment, the bigger number of people involved in the project.


Technologies for the better Enviroment

We provide various technologies and methodologies to keep our planet safety. In case of your own economy, we can offer solutions which keep the enviroment safe from any polutions. We successfully use such technologies as: modern HVAC solutions, LED lighting, BMS for controlling the microclimate according to the users’ needs, detailed energy consumption metering, utilization of rainwater, water-efficient fittings, greenery which does not require, permanent irrigation systems, detailed water metering, reducing the heat island effect through: green terraces, green roof, utilization of existing building tissue.